Stars and Stone Books is a micropublisher of fantasy romance. At this time, we have only one novel-length author, Cara McKinnon. We will open to submissions looking to acquire one new series in 2018.

In 2017, we will be releasing a series of romance short story anthologies. The first is a fantasy romance anthology with a spring awakening/renewal theme. The second is a science fiction romance anthology set on beaches…in space! The third is a contemporary romance made up of linked stories set at the same holiday party. In 2018, we are planning a YA romance anthology and a dark paranormal/gothic romance anthology. Stay tuned for more details!

Stars and Stone Books is proud to promote diversity in our stories and our authors. We do not believe that the sexuality of the characters should be considered a genre, so we freely mix MF, MM, FF, FFM, MFM, MMF, and anything else you can imagine in our books. Everyone deserves a happily ever after!